Recovery & Integration Coaching

About Recovery & Integration Coaching

After her first life-changing weekend sitting with Iboga, Dayle knew her path had changed. She was finally able to access the trauma that had blocked her from her “true self.” That weekend Dayle received the message that she needed to share this incredibly healing modality with others. She embarked on the evolution of reclaiming her soul, and in this, she developed an innate sense of her connection to these plant spirits. 

Dayle has been fortunate enough to train with Being True to You, ( became a Certified Psychedelic Integration Coach. She has witnessed the transformation of many souls through this robust healing process. Dayle was also holds a certification in Trauma Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation as well Somatic Plant Integration through her studies with the incomporable Atira Tan (

Taking people through the stages of growth and change, she incorporates her lifetime of service to others, her training in Reiki, Sound Healing, Breathwork, and Trauma Assisted Recovery. Dayle always listens with her heart and creates a safe space for others to open and feel free to share. She takes great pride in assisting the LGBTQ community and guiding those in their transition process. 


What are some reason why psychedelic integration coaching may be right for you?

  • You are researching on making a journey and want to maximize your experience
  • You are looking to bring the peace you experienced in your journey into your day-to-day life 
  • You feel confused, scared, or let down by your experience
  • You are stuck in a situation where it feels impossible to actually implement what you learned
  • You feel yourself being sucked back into your old identity and patterns 
  • You desire with more meaning and connection 


Recovery & Integration Coaching

Bi-weekly or weekly session via Zoom or Voice call. – $108

Please feel free to reach out at to scedule a discovery call to see if we are a good fit!!