Revelation Breathwork

About Breathwork

Revelation Breathwork is a transformational process that combines an ancient two-step breathing technique with contemporary, upbeat, positive music to create an incredible physical and spiritual experience. 

It is a simple, safe, and extremely effective process for experiencing breakthroughs and optimal wellness in your life. 

Revelation Breathwork is an active breathing process that differs from most traditional meditation and mindfulness practices. 

Most people report it is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before.


Healing Benefits

  • Stress Relief 
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Heal Trauma 
  • Creative Blocks 
  • Detox the Body 
  • Alkalizes the blood 
  • Increases Muscle Tone 
  • Anti-inflammatory Effect 
  • Mood Elevation 
  • Mental Clarity 
  • Energy Boost 


Revelation Breathwork

Breathwork is more than an exercise of breathing correctly or with intent, during your session you will experience major transformation and healing.

1 Hr – $150

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