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To provide services to bring people home to their true self and create a world in which inclusivity and compassion flow freely. To gather like-minded souls together to heal, bond, and awaken the passion that will drive the planet towards a more cohesive existence.


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with Nathalie Croix
Dayle joins us today to discuss her background as a holistic esthetician, creating feel good natural products, and integrating energy healing and moon cycles into her practice. Goddess of Skin began in 2004, and Dayle soon realized that making her products incorporate mantras made them much more effective for her clients. Everything Dayle makes is small batch and made with intention. When the pandemic came, Dayle felt like she had lost her business and her identity. 
She realized she could take the time in lockdown to look inward and work on personal development. She gained her fourth attunement in Reiki, learned about breathwork, and worked on what she could do for her clients outside of the physical body. To end the episode, Dayle and Nathalie take us through the Goddess of Skincare product line and how to use it to maximize the benefits you can receive. They also discuss the historic stigma against men using skincare and how it is changing.