If you found me, I have complete confidence there are no mistakes. You are here for a reason. Are you struggling with a life with no meaning? Are you experiencing health issues, and the medical world has not provided relief? Have you experienced an entheogenic ceremony and are still trying to make sense of it all? Or are you transitioning and looking for guidance and support to witness the transformation you seek? I am here for you in any way that you need. I am here to provide support, healing, and a kind and compassionate ear, all without judgment.

My name is Dayle, and I am an Medicine Woman, a channel and trans medium, a holistic guide, a spiritual midwife, and a psychedelic integration specialist. It is one of my sacred duties to assist individuals & groups as a spiritual steward while they birth forward a new, empowered life of their own creation. I work in many different realms, from the tangible to the intangible, all the while calling in support from my many guides and years of training, classes, and, honestly, just life lessons. It is with great joy that I witness the healing of souls and watch as they embark on a life filled with hope, security, and a renewed sense of purpose and self.  


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with Nathalie Croix
Dayle joins us today to discuss her background as a holistic esthetician, creating feel good natural products, and integrating energy healing and moon cycles into her practice. Goddess of Skin began in 2004, and Dayle soon realized that making her products incorporate mantras made them much more effective for her clients. Everything Dayle makes is small batch and made with intention. When the pandemic came, Dayle felt like she had lost her business and her identity. 
She realized she could take the time in lockdown to look inward and work on personal development. She gained her fourth attunement in Reiki, learned about breathwork, and worked on what she could do for her clients outside of the physical body. To end the episode, Dayle and Nathalie take us through the Goddess of Skincare product line and how to use it to maximize the benefits you can receive. They also discuss the historic stigma against men using skincare and how it is changing.


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