Plant Medicine & Retreats


Plant Medicine & Retreats

Are you searching for a retreat center but are overwhelmed by the amount of energy you will be sharing space with? Do you have trauma such as PTSD or C-PTSD and feel the need to have more privacy when speaking about your experiences? Has long COVID or other auto-immune issues caused you to see alternative methods for your healing? Are you struggling with a your own personal transition(MTF or FTM) and need some guidance from an elder who can truly meet you where you are? I invite you to beautiful Buenavista, Costa Rica to spend a day, a week or even more with me while we unravel and deconstruct the habitual patterns that are getting in your way.

 Minutes from the beautiful town of Samara, and only seconds from the raw, unbridled beach of Buenavista, I welcome you to my center. You will have your own private bedroom, en-suite bathroom, beautiful home-cooked organic fresh meals straight from our local Farmer’s Markets, and the best energy needed to heal. You will wake to the sounds of the howler monkeys, watch the dragonflies dance on salt water pool, and take sunrise and sunset nature walks through the jungle to the beach. 

Here we will dive deep with the sacred medicine of Kambo, to thoroughly detox the body, and the mind, and engage in deep meaningful Somatic Integrated conversations to allow this experience to settle and create change. I offer breathwork sessions, which include a shamanic cord  cutting ritual through the umbilicus into the Underword.  With this method, I give you an opportunity to claim any womb trauma or ancestral or lineage cords that need to be severed, releasing them and allowing space for more light, energy, and love to enter the body and soul.

Soundbaths are held in the peaceful Lanai, amongst the birds, dragonflies, and monkeys, letting nature and the deep resonating tones uplift and inspire as we head into the Master Teacher, Bufo. Here, we will commune with the Divine and meet our Higher Selves and the Creator. Bufo Alvarius is the most powerful entheogen, allowing true transcendence of the ego-illusion, reaching a feeling of unconditional love, and being wrapped in a profound sense of deep comfort and safety. Of course, again followed with integration time and talks, as integration, both post and pre experience, are key to me.

All retreats include:

*Private room with en-suite bath. 

*3 daily fresh organic meals 

*pick up from Liberia Airport and drop off (shuttle arranged if arriving to San Jose)

*Pre and Post Integration sessions and daily sessions while with me.

*3 days of  Kambo sessions

*Shamanic Breathwork sessions 

*Cold Plunge(brrrrr!!)

*TRANSformative Sound Baths with Umbilicus meditation.

*Two sessions with Bufo Alvarius(optional third)

Please send an email to me for further information and to schedule a call to see if we are a good fit.

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